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Direct and Indirect
Behaviour Measures

JUNE 25 - JULY 30

Thank you for your interest in this FREE course. As part of our beta version, we value your feedback to help us refine the course, which includes engaging online activities, immersive case studies, and practical role plays, all designed with a Behaviour Analytic approach. We hope you find this learning journey rewarding and look forward to your insights!

What you can expect

  • Updated content
  • Interactive activities
  • Self-paced course
  • Behaviour-based design
  • Certificate
  • 3 CEUs for BCBAs

Designed by specialists

This course was designed by an entire  team of specialists, leaders in the field of Positive Behaviour Support and Behaviour Analysis.

People with real experience applying Behaviour Science to support other people's achievements.

Behaviour-based Designed

This course is not just about "content". It was designed to support you to develop new skills, based on Behaviour Science principles and procedures.
Step-by-step, you are going to activilly participate in the course, making decisions, and receiving a lot of feedbacks.

In this course you'll learn about:

Direct Measures

Learn what is a direct measurament, its advantages and limites, and all the resources and procedures you will need to  use it.

Indirect Measures

Learn what is a indirect measurament, its advantages and limits, and how to apply Functional Assessment Interview (FAI), questionnaires and documents analysis in real live.

Product Measures

Learn what is a product measurament and the context in whithc you could apply this procedures.

Dive deep into real case scenarios.

Every decision you make is followed by immediate feedback. With each choice, a new scenario unfolds, creating a learning path that's uniquely yours.
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John Wooderson

John is the Director of Training and Non-training Solutions at Kameleon Group working across Brisbane, Queensland.
John has qualifications in education including a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Queensland and is pursuing a PhD with the University of Technology Sydney. He has experience working as a Behaviour Support Practitioner at Kameleon Group.
John has extensive clinical experience designing and implementing positive behavioural interventions. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Meet our team

In addition to the course instructor, many professionals worked on the design and development of this course. Check it out: