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Looking to improve your skills to co-produce behavioural interventions that effectively foster autonomy, genuine choice, and improve the quality of life for participants?

PBS Together is your space to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange insights, and advance your career in positive behaviour support. 

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Free Webinar,
02 July 2024, 9am AEST

Ethical and collaborative practice with autistic individuals: Depathologisation,
assent, and anti-ableism.

Join to discuss with Dr. Mizael compassionate approaches to working with autistic individuals. 

Táhcita Mizael, PhD.

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PBS Together is your community for everything you need to work as a behaviour support practitioner.
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How our courses works?

The development of our courses adheres to the best evidence-based educational practices in the field of online learning while aligning with the core fundamentals of Applied Behaviour Analysis.
Check our Educational Principles:

Meaningful learning objectives

Our courses define clear and actionable learning objectives that outline what participants will be able to apply in their real lives upon course completion.

Mastery learning

Our courses foster a dynamic learning environment that encourages hands-on engagement and application of acquired knowledge. We assure your mastery performance by the end of the course.

Active learning

We employ interactive methods such as gamification, branching scenario, role play simulations, and interactive quizzes throughout the courses, encouraging active participation and engagement.

Supportive feedback

We ensure that participants receive constructive feedback and positive reinforcement to enhance their understanding of the course material and maintain their motivation to successfully complete the courses.


We recognize and respect that individuals have different preferences and ways to learn. Therefore, our courses allow participants to progress at their own pace, accommodating their unique timeframes and learning approaches.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to data-driven decision-making and continuously improve our courses based on empirical data and feedback from participants. This iterative process allows us to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of the learning experience over time.

What our learners say.

 I'm genuinely impressed. It was a fully interactive experience that kept me engaged and excited to learn. The case studies and role-plays made it feel like a classroom setting, but with the flexibility of learning at my own pace. 
This online course platform has truly surpassed my expectations! The level of interactivity was like nothing I've encountered in online learning before. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an engaging learning experience!
The course is amazing! It's an invaluable tool for my interventions. I'm confident that this knowledge will significantly enhance the impact of my fieldwork. The content is meticulously organised, allowing for a seamless progression through increasingly complex topics.
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Far beyond video lectures.

We utilise Behavioural Science to design our courses. Our learning design team is led by the award-winning Professor PhD. Helder Gusso.
 Our instructors are leaders in the field with extensive professional experience, as  well as academic qualifications.
Each course is crafted to help you develop useful skills to provide best services to participants.
Courses designed for you to become, step by step, proficient as a behaviour practitioner.