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Ethical and collaborative practice with autistic individuals

On the 2th of Jule, 2024, we had the presence of Doctor Tahcita Mizael (Federal University of Sao Carlos) for the webinar: Ethical and collaborative practice with autistic individuals: Depathologisation, assent, and anti-ableism.

Dr. Mizael is a Brazilian researcher and lecturer in the fields of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She holds a BA, a MA, and a PhD. in Psychology and has carried out research internships at Maynooth University (2018-2019), in Ireland, and at the University of South Australia (2023-2024). Her main research topics are stimulus equivalence, Relational Frame Theory, race relations, gender and sexuality, and autism.

This year, Tahcita won an award for Distinguished Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from ABAI due to her research: An Investigation of Racial Microaggressions Experienced by Black Brazilian Women Living in Australia. 

In this webinar, we had the opportunity to learn how to shift from traditional views that pathologise autism to recognising and respecting neurodiversity, fostering a more inclusive environment. Also, discuss some practical strategies for seeking and honouring the preferences of autistic individuals, ensuring their active participation in decisions that affect their lives.  

This webinar was live-only; the recording will not be available.