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Contextualising Human Behaviour

On the 12th of June, 2024, we had the presence of Professor Bernard Guerin (University of South Australia) for the webinar: Contextualising Human Behaviour.

Professor Guerin is internationally recognised for his social contextual approach to understanding people, behaviour, and mental illness. He is also a distinguished author in the fields of Language, Social and Community Psychology, and Behaviour Analysis. His curriculum includes extensive research, practice, and community intervention work, particularly with Indigenous peoples, refugees, and migrant communities. He has also focused on themes such as discrimination and prejudice within their social context and interventions to reduce their presence in everyday life.

In this webinar, we had the opportunity to discuss the social contextual approach and how this model can aid in developing better ways to support people. Check out the recording in the video:


Bernard Guerin

Professor at the University of South Australia
Doctor of Philosophy

Research Higilights:
  • Community research, practice and intervention, especially working alongside indigenous, refugee and migrant communities.
  • How communities function and what we need to do to understand this.
  • Discrimination and prejudice in their social context and interventions to reduce their use in everyday life.
  • Adding the social context when studying the everyday strategies of social life.

    Some of Prof. Bernard's books: